Microfiction Monday – 2016 AWP Edition!

A few weeks ago, during the AWP conference in Los Angeles, the Blue Skirt Productions team asked participants to submit microfiction on post-it notes for a chance to be published online. Below are the chosen entries. Enjoy!


by Ann Hillesland

When Victoria saw the possum, she knew it was her dead husband. He hunkered in the apple tree, staring at her as she carried clean laundry past.

She remembered once walking down their wooded driveway, finding a young possum frozen, mouth agape in a stilled scream, sharp teeth revealed. She felt pity, but when she returned from the mailbox the creature had vanished. Playing possum.

She thought of his empty casket beneath the ill-fitting soil where just yesterday she had left fresh chrysanthemums.

She stooped for a rock, aimed for the eyes.

by Aimee Lowenstern

The train comes in the dark. It is longer than your room and mostly made of your drooling jaw. The wheels are uneven, and not as white as they once were. A woman sits in the tongue soft seat, holding a suitcase of your dreams tight between her knees. She is going home.

by Zach Roberge

Someone pissed “God” on the sidewalk in high-class poet letters, and the liturgy is rapidly drying in the Los Angeles sun. The moment is so perfect, so symbolically ironic, that I trod on the O, and walk away with God dripping off the heel of my shoe.

Milner Yelp Review
by Angela Spires

The unofficial roof tour of our hotel was in exchange for a pineapple hard cider and a cupcake. The attendant’s hard day led us into a restricted area of our Shining-esque hotel, where we walked up concrete steps to what he called the “Gotham City view.” Empty beer bottles lined the satellite dish we squeezed around for the black mundane outlook. I could see the darkness he had referenced perfectly. A city with so many stars, but no real light was shining through. I took a single picture of a moment unable to be captured, and we took another drink.

Red as Blood
by Savannah Ridgley

It would be cliche to say her lips were as red as blood. But it was not just the pink of her lips, pristinely layered with lipstick, most of the lower half of her face was coated with a color as vibrant as the blood that swells from my hand when a crushed can becomes too sharp. No longer though the color of her blood. Her body stiff and blue and contorted. The news says the alcohol and cold together crept, attacked, and sedated. Still, as I watch from my sofa, I raise another bottle to my lips.

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  1. Ha! Possum!!! I love it!!

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