Microfiction Monday Magazine seeks to publish exceptional stories told in 100 words or less each Monday.

In physics, impulse is the change in an object’s momentum. It is equal to the product of force and time. To bring about a given change in momentum, you can apply a small force over a long period of time, or apply a big force in a short amount of time.

With microfiction, think of impulse as the story. You can tell it in long form, averaging its impact, or tell it in short form with a big punch. If done right, microfiction can pack a big punch in a small space, allowing the busy reader the ability to absorb a fantastic story in under a minute. The creation of microfiction is also an excellent exercise as a writer, encouraging the elimination of superfluous text and challenging the writer to be efficient with word choice without sacrificing story.

Submissions to Microfiction Monday Magazine should tell a complete story, avoiding summary and packing the biggest punch possible. There are no restrictions on genre or content.

Multiple and simultaneous submissions are welcome.

About the Editor


Gayle Towell is a freelance writer, fiction writer, playwright, drummer, and former college instructor from Oregon.

About the Assistant Editor


Paige Towell is an artist, writer, and snake charmer from Oregon.

9 responses

  1. How to submit a short story?

    1. Click on the link on the top of the page that says, “submissions.”

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  3. This is the first I’ve seen Microfiction Monday. I’m so impressed by the writing and love the “micro” format of 100 words.

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