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Those who contribute $1 or more each month will receive access to a .pdf version of our “Best of 2015” print publication, featuring microfiction stories voted on by our readers alongside new stories that have not been published online.

If you contribute $5 or more, you will additionally receive recognition on our Thank You page.

Microfiction Monday has made a commitment to NEVER charge submissions fees, though this has also meant we are unable to pay our contributors. Should we manage to raise enough funds, not only would we like to start offering nominal payments, but we would like to run another voting competition for a new Best Of anthology, in which those published would receive free copies.

And that’s not all! If we get enough sponsors we may release additional content for patrons only in the future. (No worries if you can’t make a financial commitment at this time: there are no planned changes to the quality content on our site!)

Announcement – Change in Publication Frequency

MMMANNMicrofiction Monday has been going strong for 28 weeks and we couldn’t be more proud of the authors we’ve had the honor of publishing! But due to time constraints and a desire to maintain a high quality standard in our publication, Microfiction Monday Magazine is announcing that we are changing our publication frequency from weekly to monthly. Future editions of the magazine will be published on the first Monday of each month. Each publication will include a minimum of five stories, but more if we receive a significant number of high-quality submissions.

So please keep sending those submissions in! We love reading your work! And look for our next edition on January 5th!

Microfiction Monday is Seeking Spooky Submissions!


Microfiction Monday Magazine wants your horror microfiction for the month of October! Send us your scariest stories told in 100 words or less. See this week’s Microfiction stories for some examples. We also need artwork of all sorts—haunting artwork for October, and general artwork for other weeks. Microfiction submissions can be made through our online submission form and artwork submissions can be sent to submissions@microfictionmondaymagazine.com. All non-scary microfiction submitted will be considered for later editions.

Spread the word!

Submit! Submit! Submit!

I’ve already had the honor of reading through many great submissions and am very excited about the five fantastic pieces selected for our inaugural June 2nd edition.

Keep those submissions coming! I’d like to publish five pieces every Monday, and there are a lot of Mondays in a year! So polish up those teensy masterpieces, tell all your friends, and submit, submit, submit!

Multiple and simultaneous submissions welcome. We are also still seeking artwork!

First Publication Set For Monday, June 2nd

Keep those submissions coming! I’ve already read several great pieces and am looking forward to more. Those who’ve already submitted can expect a response within the next few days. Presently I’m aiming to publish the first set of stories on Monday, June 2nd with more stories every Monday thereafter. I’m also seeking artwork to accompany each edition. Submit by clicking the “Submissions” link on the homepage. Like us on Facebook if you haven’t already and be sure to tell your friends! Multiple and simultaneous submissions welcome!

Open For Submissions!

Microfiction Monday Magazine is now open for submissions. We seek to publish exceptional fiction told in 100 words or less.

Submissions should tell a complete story, avoiding summary and packing the biggest punch possible. There are no restrictions on genre or content. We are also accepting artwork submissions.

Click here for more information about the magazine, and here to submit prose or artwork.