Microfiction Monday – 174th Edition

The Dignity of Work

by Peter Cherches

My job is a simple yet important one. It entails my standing up to my neck in shit for eight hours a day, with a half hour break for lunch; bathroom breaks are considered superfluous. But it’s a job, and I can hold my head up high. I have to.

Once Upon Some Time or Another

by Mercedes Lawry

What’s that, floating on a raft of pencils? A mouse! Is there historical precedent? A sail puffed out with bon mots. A cheery breeze and perhaps, whistling. Inevitably one must have conflict, usually garbed as a villain. Let us pray. Risk and derring-do and a hefty dose of lesson-learned and all can return to the point of origin – shabby flat where several dictionaries vie for attention on the west shelf. And the la-di-da of the neighbor can be heard through the thin walls during her occasional bouts with the kitchen. Invite the mouse in and we begin a novel.

Mel’s Cheeseburger

by David Sydney

Mel looked forward to his meal but lost his appetite. He called the waiter over.

Are you sure this restaurant’s okay?

What’d you mean?

I just saw two flies by my plate.

You ordered the cheeseburger, right?

Yes, but…

That’s why I recommended the chili dog. I told you I thought it was better.

But there were flies. I had to shoo them away.

I heard; two of them.

I just brushed them away.

Okay. But there were a dozen flies by that guy over there who ordered a chili dog.


Exactly. And can a dozen flies be wrong?

They Came in Peace

by Louella Lester

When I saw the flashing lights I threw the spray paint can into a hedge and straightened my tinfoil hat. I checked to make sure there were no matches in my pockets. Didn’t want to be blamed for last week’s debacle. They got out of the spaceship and walked towards me. I held up my hands, said, “I only paint.” My voice was calm because of the hat, it worked just like Big Bird said it would. The younger one came closer, his hands nowhere near the taser on his belt. “It’s okay, you’re okay, I won’t take your hat.


3 responses

  1. Nice to be in here with such good company. 😊

  2. Good lineup of stories. “…bathroom breaks are considered superfluous” is a hilarious (and very sad) line!

  3. What a collection of hilarity and inspired nonsense. Hats off to Mercedes (Invite the mouse in and we begin a novel) and Louella (It’s ok, I won’t take your hat).

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